Saturday, January 27, 2007

My first (and last, I hope) words on the Isaiah Washington/T.R. Knight altercation

I'm probably the only gay blogger not to have said anything about this, and probably because I really find it strange that this story gained so much traction. Here are some thoughts:

Isaiah Washington's usage of the word "faggot" is demeaning to all queer people, especially to gay men who grew up with that term being thrown around to make them hate their sexuality and buy into heterosexual supremacy.

Isaiah Washington apologized (way too tired to get a link, but it's everywhere). He acknowledged what he said and that it was hurtful.

All of us need to move on. He apologized, and if we can't accept apologies, then we can't accept progress.

I have no idea why this got to be such a big deal, with so many tangible and violent heterosexist acts out there that barely get any media coverage.

I am very glad that T.R. Knight has come out. I wish him the best.

I'm not going to watch Grey's Anatomy, mostly because I don't like its mopiness, unrealistic sex and relationships, and over-the-top dialogue.

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