Monday, January 1, 2007

Oh, John, how did something so right turn so wrong?

From the Huffington Post:
It's very easy for me to say, 'Civil unions? Yes. Partnership benefits? Yes. Obviously all the other anti-discrimination stuff? Yes.' It's a jump for me to get to gay marriage, and I haven't yet gotten across that bridge. But it is something I struggle with, and that's just the truth.
If Edwards becomes president in '08, then America will have truly elected the opposite of GWB, an Indecider-in-Chief. Yes, because a relatively simple social issue that has been in the spotlight for over ten years is so very hard to come to any sort of conclusion about.

Seriously, if the Democratic nominee in 2008 doesn't support equality in marriage, we're voting Republican to send a message.

That message will of course be "Fuck you, cruel world!"

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