Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Rehab is the new black; it goes with everything.

From 365gay.com:
Haggard and his wife, Gayle, completed a counseling program in Arizona and are back in Colorado Springs, Brendle said.
So he's out of part of his rehab. Pam Spaulding thinks that it's not the end of the ex-gaying of Pastor Ted.

But it reminded me that he was in rehab for being too gay. And it reminded me of this story I read earlier today on The Advocate:
The cast of Grey's Anatomy accepted a Screen Actors Guild award for drama series ensemble on Sunday night in Los Angeles—minus cast member Isaiah Washington. The actor is in therapy for his use of an antigay slur.
He's in rehab for being too anti-gay.

This all made me wonder about how incredibly divisive gay issues are. Each side on the are-gay-people-complete-and-equal-human-beings debate (depressing that we even have to debate it) thinks that anyone who disagrees with them must be crazy.

Maybe that's telling us something. Maybe it's telling us that this debate isn't really a debate - there isn't any statistic or logic that can change people's minds - rather it's, at best, a battle over framing and symbolism or, at worst, a complete impasse.

I'm an optimist, so I think that equality can be achieved with work - deep, dirty, political work to change the dominant narrative about queer people. But the next time someone says that we just need to present our arguments, remember that the far right thinks that we're actually insane.

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