Thursday, February 8, 2007

Last Call

Until Saturday. I have the LSAT Saturday morning and I will be too busy to post tomorrow. I'll be back with the weekend features and posts about whatever catastrophically gay things happen tomorrow.

So here's Jeffrey Lewis' "Williamsburg Will Oldham Horror":

Question: What do you think about the usage of male-on-male sex as a symbol for violent hierarchy?


Holy Moly! said...

it's not a symbol really, it's just making fun of will oldham. do you know who he is?!?

Alex Blase said...

Bonnie Prince Billie. And I think that when he starts talking about how some people "get fucked" and some people are dicks and blah blah blah, he means to plug into that old idea about patriarchal sexual hierarchy. Like I think he problematizes it, but he's still referring to it.

Kevin said...

Huh. I thought he was just poking fun at will's public persona.