Saturday, February 3, 2007

This Week in Pink - January 26, 2007 to NOW

Here are some great posts by LGBT bloggers from this past week:
  • Pam Spaulding covers the current presidential candidates' positions on Don't Ask/Don't Tell. Interesting read, as 55% of Americans don't like it, and it's hurting America, why do we still have it?
  • Joe at Joe.My.God solves the mystey of Donnie Davies. Spoiler: It was a hoax.
  • Don Sherfick found out that Colts coach Tony Dungy is fundraising for a heterosexist group, the Indiana Family Institute. All I can say is: Go Superbowl!
  • Oh, you just have to see this post about the Connecticut marriage bill from the kids at Good As You.
  • Jasmyne Cannick blogs about her time working at GLAAD.

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