Saturday, December 2, 2006

Justin Lookadoo, here's looking at you!

After seeing that the New Life Church's leadership proves that Protestant clergy is just as gay as Catholic, we find out that gayness among Evangelicals gets even funnier. Ex-Gay Watch warns us about some nefarious plan for Exodus International to recruit Christian kids for gay bashing, and upon following the link, we find a montage of face pics more gay than any we've seen on DList. Check it out here.

We're interested in this Justin Lookadoo, motivational speaker and author of like 100 books about teen dating. Do visit his page. We learned a lot of things there, like:

  • He's from El Paso, and he considers living in Mexico his "coolest experience"

  • He has "closet friends", either friends who are in the closet or from when he was in the closet

  • Two of his favorite singers are totally gay

  • He has make-up tips for girls, and calls Cristina Aguilera "trasky"... Cat fight!

  • He faces the day ass-first

  • He has a "he male strut which works on the women", he wants to be one of the Village People, he's riding an imaginary bull and slapping it's ass.... God, we can't point out the gay subtext and make it funny when it's a gay super-text. Come out already!

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