Thursday, December 14, 2006

Right Wing News: Andrew Sullivan swings for both teams, decidedly annoying

The 2006 Warblogger Awards just came out (I'm sure you were waiting at the edges of your seats!). It's not really remarkable, they think that Michelle Malkin provides some of the best original content, when her blog seems to us to just be a bunch of blockquotes, except for the fact that Andrew Sullivan at the Daily Dish was rated the most annoying right-wing blogger and the second-most annoying left-wing blogger.

What? His obsessiveness on petty issues and then giving them immature names (like, most recently, "Mormon undies" and "gay peepees") is not endearing?

What's non-ironically surprising is that they can't decide if he's a conservative or a liberal. The man is a self-described libertarian who wrote a book with the word conservative in the title (and not in the conquer-and-destroy way, the I'm-proud-that-I'm-one way) and loves big pharma and hates non-discrimination laws, and that's all just from today.

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