Saturday, December 2, 2006

They won't stop till every non-Christian is squashed

The folks at Red State are calling up a gaggle of retailers to see what their policy is on customer greetings. Not a single one so far has said that they aren't allowing "Merry Christmas", with responses ranging from apathy to frenzied indecision. But that's not good enough:
What strikes me from these responses are the ways in which the companies genuflect in the direction of alter of “diversity.”
You see, it wouldn't be good enough if every employee of every retailer said "Merry Christmas" to every customer because this isn't about Christmas. It's about making sure that every non-Christian is reminded every time they leave their houses that they are different so that they don't get too uppity. And that's the true spirit of the season.

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Starry Decisive said...

You said it. We have some links on our blog, T.P.S.M., to the day's funniest "War on Xmas" stuff: including "Let's Put the Marduk back in Zagmuk." Enjoy.