Monday, November 27, 2006

Because we eat a lot of sea-men?

Wow, this group is crazy. We couldn't pick an article to link to here, because they're all insane, until we found this one, about being insane. Here's a bit:
Consider some of the outlandish things sex addicts think and do: [...]S & M, B&D, self-asphyxiation, weird fetishes, cannibalism and so on.
(For this Steve Gallagher, "sex addict" refers to anyone who doesn't engage exclusively in missionary-position heterosexual sex with his or her spouse).

We're wondering what acts of depravity could possibly be included in "and so on", considering that cannibalism seems about as far as one can go. Whatever it is, these folks have thought about it and are probably doing it with a high-priced call-boy.

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