Saturday, November 11, 2006

This Week in Pink: Do we question gay escorts' sexualities? Oh, yes, we do.

It seems like the gays only want to talk about being gay, acting gay, loving gay, and other gays. And that's OK with us, because it gives us something to round up at the end of the week for you. Here are what we thought were some memorable posts by gay bloggers this week:

  • America's now-eclipsed favorite gay escort Jeff Gannon actually makes a point we agree with, that Pastor Ted going into gay rehab won't help other queer folk, but leaves us wondering if Jeff himself is actually gay. Too bad he doesn't allow comments on his blog anymore so we can ask.

  • Andrew Sullivan, in a shocking post, engages in a little shameless self promotion. We give the attempt 4 out of 5 pizza slices; we wanted a nude pic.

  • The good folks at Proceed at Your Own Risk took a break from showing semi-pornographic pics to chide Pastor Ted's ouster Mike Post for breaking the Call Boy Code of Ethics, and they even brought in a guest expert.

  • The queerty kids remind us what this week's elections were really about: Mark Foley.

  • And Pam Spaulding lays out the homosexual agenda for the next two years on the Hill. Long and short of it: she doesn't think that homophobia's gone.

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