Monday, November 13, 2006

Decision 2006, version 1.10

Well, if you didn't get enough of the midterms, you can get all excited about the House and Senate leadership elections coming up. Sure, there won't be as much partisan cat-fighting, no advertising, and you don't get a vote, but there'll be numbers and graphs and endorsements and maybe some of Charles Gibson's and George Stephanapolis's Tweedle-Dee/Tweedle-Dum "analysis", and that's what the spirit of an election is really about, right?
While no one seems to oppose Pelosi's Iron Fist for Speaker, two wonderfully eligible gentlemen have thrown their hats into the ring, John Murtha and Stecy Hoyer. Hoyer says that he has the votes right now, but Murtha has Pelosi's support. With all the issues that could come into play, like fund raising ability, telegenics, and, uhhhh, work ethic, we all know that this will be decided byone thing: the HRC score that they received for their work during the 109th Congress.

We'll save you the time it takes to mosey on over to the HRC and find it and just give it to you: Murtha got a 66 (17/33 in previous Congresses) and Hoyer an 88 (100/100 in previous Congresses). Murtha earned that 66 by opposing the anti-gay marriage Constitutional Amendment and half-heartedly supporting adding LGBT folk to pretty much ineffective federal hate crimes legislation, and Hoyers lost 12 points for helping keep Don't Ask, Don't Tell around. Murtha must be kicking himself in the pants now!

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