Friday, November 10, 2006

Love the sin, hate the sinner

In coming to terms with the midterms, Jonah Goldberg produced this little gem for the NRO:
It's also true that the Iraq war is unpopular; that's because it's not going swimmingly. If it were otherwise, Iraq would be a political boon to the GOP. Now, you might say, "Yeah, and except for the brief unpleasantness, Mrs. Lincoln had a wonderful time at the theater." But it is not the conservative position to botch wars. And contrary to the slanderous codswallop you've heard for the last year, conservative principles do not require flooding New Orleans.
And we think: abso-fuckin'-lutely! You see, being conservative means doing good things, so when politicians don't do good things, they're not being conservative! This works even better when the word "conservative" is replaced by pretty much anything else, like "genteel", "delicious", or "horny". Go on, try it.

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