Thursday, November 16, 2006

Decision 2006 v. 1.10 over, revving up for 2008

Well, the Hoyer vs. Murtha match ended with a fizzle. And it's just as well, we were holding on for the off-chance that there would be come conflict or drama when obviously there wasn't going to be any.

But what's better, much better, is that Alex Castellanos just got hired by Mitt Romney. This is the guy in charge of those crazy subliminal prescription drug ads against Gore and one that involved a pair of white hands tearing up a letter because a Black just stole his job. Since we don't think that Romney has much of a chance actually winning the primary, considering what the Christian Right thinks about Mormons, we think this is a definite sign that we'll see Romney go down kicking and screaming, running hilarious ads about his fellow GOP primary candidates.

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